Hoe lyk jou Afrikaans?


Project Afrikaans is the result of the initiative shown by individuals, groups and organisations with a passion and love for the Afrikaans language. The result? A campaign focused on celebrating and exploring this colourful language in all its different dialects, variants, written and spoken forms.

The campaign is supported by www.afrikaans.com, a website developed by ThoughtCorp. The website engages first, second and third language Afrikaans speakers to share their unique experience of Afrikaans through submitting photo’s, video’s, audio and the written word as part of a fun competition that will showcase the unique and personal … the culture and the character of each and every person that has some interest in a language that forms part of the intricate fibre of the South African human landscape.

The question asked: Hoe lyk JOU Afrikaans? The website consists of different categories from music and books to history, education, blogs and opinions – content aimed at inspiring people to have a say, contribute and challenge pre-conceived ideas about the language. The campaign also creates space for ambassadors of Afrikaans – people that make a difference in and through Afrikaans by taking ownership and contributing positively to their communities through a network of like-minded, positive people.

Afrikaans.com is evolving into a one-stop destination for everything Afrikaans – a web catalogue provides easy access to support and information available in Afrikaans. Easy access to every Afrikaans organisation that endeavours to enrich and provide support is made available and links to the latest news about Afrikaans are easily accessible. Afrikaans has a rich history. Afrikaans has character, flair and diversity. At Afrikaans.com you can experience a language with a rich past and a bright future.