Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions (IS) launched PLuGG, its consumer-orientated, high-speed broadband ISP offering in September 2008. Centred on the fun character ‘G’, PLuGG’s fresh, quirky brand reflects its youthful, straightforward approach to delivering DSL connectivity to consumers.

ThoughtCorp was tasked with devising an appropriate content strategy and design for the new PLuGG website. The assignment involved assessing the high-speed internet access market, identifying the site’s target audiences and outlining how to best meet their expectations and requirements.

The PLuGG website has three complementary functions: to clearly explain the various connectivity packages available and help users decide which one is right for them; to facilitate the online sign up process, and to act as an online hub for the PLuGG community.

ThoughtCorp was required to develop a design that would accomplish all three of these purposes, while accurately reflecting PLuGG’s unique and colourful brand, expressing its values and delivering on its consumer promise.

As a result of the site’s community focus, numerous interactive, fun elements were incorporated into the design, including various polls, a ‘Vote for G’ feature and VIP community member profiles.

A central interactive component of the site is the “Help Me Decide” feature, a flash-based needs analysis tool that helps users choose the right product offering by gathering information about the prospect’s internet usage habits and using it to suggest the right PLuGG package for them.

Site content is also managed by the Ensight web-based content management system, which helps ensure it is easily kept up to date and relevant.

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