As part of Momentum’s annual product launchesThoughtCorp has developed interactive CD-Roms for Momentum’s health, risk and pension fund division. The purpose of the CD-Roms is to provide Momentum brokers with a one-stop-shop including all information they require to sell Momentum’s product range to clients. Although Momentum provides its brokers with extensive web-based information, brokers spend most of their day with clients and therefore aren’t able to refer to web-based information when meeting with clients. What makes the solution unique is the fact that it combines the rich user interface which CD-Roms allow for with the ability to manage content dynamically, which the Internet allows for.

When brokers first receive the CD-Rom, they install it to their local machines, and go through a once-off registration process. Once registered, brokers are able to navigate through various content categories, structured and presented in a manner which is appealing and intuitive to brokers and their clients.

Content is managed via a web-based content management system, which allows Momentum to make changes to content, navigation and imagery at any time. Brokers are able to update content using the Live Update feature, which connects to the Internet, and compares their content version to the one available on the content server. If new content is available, brokers are presented with a list of new content to download. The Live Update feature also allows Momentum to track activity, including the number of registered brokers, as well as the results from the broker quiz, which was introduced as a mechanism to determine the level of understanding brokers have of Momentum’s products. Data is posted back to the content server whenever brokers connect to download new content.

Various other innovative features were included to offer further value to the broker. These include a Keyword Search facility, a My Documents facility (which allows brokers to add their own personal content items), as well as a Needs Analysis Tool, which allows brokers to customise product solutions based on client requirements. Animation and illustration were used extensively to aid navigation as well as presentation of Momentum’s products and services.

The solution was developed using a combination of Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director and Java, and includes a fully searchable offline database. The content management system was developed using Unysen, a Java-based system. All statistics and usage are monitored from within the content management system.