Reed Family Linen

Bespoke bed linen with the click of a button

ThoughtCorp is pleased to announce the launch of Reed Family Linen’s first e-commerce shop and sales platform.

This virtual online linen store enables customers in North America, the UK and Southern Africa to order bespoke bed linen in their local sizes and have the items delivered directly to their home address. The site also offers a full range of matching bedspreads, blankets, towels, table linen, guest & huckaback towels, and gowns.

Reed Family Linen believes that this online store is the first truly global bespoke bed linen ordering site, as it offers over forty different designs in multiple fabric and embroidery colour combinations in specific bed sizes. In total, the e-store offers the user over one million distinct SKUs to choose from.

The e-commerce store was designed and built by ThoughtCorp and SunShine Gun, and will be a proud extension of Reed Family Linen’s 167 years of trading as one of the only family owned and managed prestige European home textile brands.

To view the newly designed e-commerce store, click on