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Recently, Ads24 approached Sunshinegun and Thoughtcorp to redesign and rebuild their website. With a new, dynamic corporate identity and image, Ads24 needed a site that not only looked that way, but also delivered its intelligent facts and figures so that it becomes a valuable tool for advertisers and media agents.

The new site represents all of Ads24’s over 100 publications and easily gives information on important information e.g. Readership, circulation and demographics but also shows the combined print and digital exposure of each publication with a unique Total Cumulative Impact figure.

Other interesting elements are also added, for example editors quotes, facts and figures that will be useful to the target market and infographics on each of the Ads24 reader communities. And, of course, the site is endorsed by the Ads24 spokesman and mascot: Adsman.

The new site has been received really well by the industry and Ads24 stakeholders so far.

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