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What is a Digital Strategy?

A ThoughtCorp digital strategy will help you reinvent and transform your digital channels into your best sales tool. Our objective is that your digital engagement achieves its performance targets and makes business sense.

The digital strategy is the basis for any successful online campaign. There are such a wide range of ever changing digital channels that it is easy to waste resources on digital opportunities that don’t deliver results.

At ThoughtCorp, we develop online strategies that create winning engagements, are performance focused,  flexible, measurable and centered on achieving objectives.

Contributing factors:
In order to get the best results from a digital strategy it is important to clearly define what the strategy needs to achieve. Our clients goals may be to generate leads, increase online sales or create brand awareness. We investigate the business objectives and the role digital channels can play in achieving these.
Customer Segments
Like any business or marketing strategy, segmenting the audience is a critical component of delivering the correct message, at the right time through the most efficient channel. Once we understand the target audience, we can craft the message and select the online channels best suited to reaching them.
The message for creating brand awareness is very different to increasing online sales, customer retention is different to acquisition. Users at different stages of the “buying cycle” need information pertinent to their stage. As part of the digital strategy, ThoughtCorp develops a content matrix designed to ensure that the correct message is delivered to the correct audience at he right time.
The digital marketing space has a vast and often confusing choice of channels. Selecting the channels most suitable for the objectives and target audience is a critical factor in achieving online marketing success. ThoughtCorp understand these channels and will recommend a channel mix that optimises results. The channels we focus on include:

  • Search engine organic search
  • Search engine pay search
  • Search engine re-marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • E-mail
A digital strategy is a waste of time and resources unless it includes measurements of results. There are a wide variety of tools available to instantly track the success of campaigns. As part of the strategy,ThoughtCorp together with our client will define the measurement of success. ThoughtCorp will recommend the appropriate tools that should be implemented to track the results.


Our Track Record

ThoughtCorp boasts a number of South Africa’s largest institutions as our clients. ThoughtCorp has consistently delivered high quality solutions to our clients. Our measure of success is the long term relationships established with our clients, renewal of contracts and being called back by clients for new projects. Approximately 80% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals. View our client portfolio.

Grain SA
Patio Warehouse
Bathroom Bizarre
Centurion Systems
Blinds Online
Internet Solutions
Ernst & Young
What our clients say
Our relationship with ThoughtCorp stretches over 8 years and every time we manage to ask the impossible from them they manage to delivery professionally, quickly and accurately.
We would recommend ThoughtCorp to anyone that is looking for a partner to go the extra mile. They always find the best solution to the brief provided.
Eskom digital and social media platforms depend significantly on ThoughtCorp to assist in moving the bar to higher standards. We have placed ThoughtCorp under pressure and unrealistic demands – in all cases they delivered with a smile and professionalism. 
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Digital Strategy

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