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Conversion Optimisation is the art and science of converting site visitors into customers. The objectives of our clients’ sites may be online sales, completing a contact form or downloading a document. Whatever the objectives, converting visitors into sales or leads should be a top priority. The ThoughtCorp methodology for conversion optimization includes the following steps.

  1. Gathering & Analysing Data
  2. Running tests based on the above data
  3. Making site improvements (continuously) based on the most successful tests


Features of our Conversion Optimisation Offering:
Gathering & Analysing Data
Why it’s important – because making site changes based on suggested best practice and gut feel often lead to a waste of time and money. Rather act based on real data and customer insights than run a whole lot of tests that fail.

How we do it
We use analytics tools that give us the data we need to determine how users are interacting with the site. We analyse a wealth of information including…

  • The sources that most convert into leads or sales
  • The pages that are successful or unsuccessful in terms of conversion
  • The conversion funnel i.e. where in the conversion process users are dropping out


We also use heat maps, click maps and scroll maps, that display how users interact with each page, which page elements they look at and click on, and how far down the page they scroll.

Some of the most valuable information comes from qualitative research. On site surveys asking the user why they didn’t complete the form or purchase often reveals telling insights on how to improve the site.

We conduct usability studies on the site. Website Usability is a critical component of online success. We believe that usability goals are business goals. A website that is hard to use frustrates customers, forfeits revenue, and erodes the brand. See below for more information about website usability

Running tests based on the above data

We now have the data we need to make informed decisions. The next phase is to run tests based on the accumulated data.
There are any number of elements to test

  • Page headings
  • Banners
  • Copy
  • Layout
  • Landing pages
  • Form elements, etc

Testing will typically take the form of A/B Testing. This involves presenting 2 different versions of a web page, banner, copy etc. on the live site and measure which version performs better.

Testing should be done based on the objectives of the site. So for example, if the site objective is to get users to complete an inquiry form, the testing should be done on the elements in the conversion funnel that lead to completing the form.

Making site improvements

We now have great insights into what works best in terms of converting visitors to customers and closing the conversion gap. These insights now need to be implemented on the site.

It is important that conversion optimization is not a once off project, but rather a continuous process of measuring, testing and updating the site.

User Experience Optimisation
ThoughtCorp understands the importance of usability and user experience in achieving a website’s objectives. We have a well developed methodology and track record in understanding the user needs, business objectives and defining a user experience strategy that meets both.

Our user experience process begins with the Usability Objectives.

  1. Stimulate Interest / Inform
    Ensure CONTENT is relevant, informative and presented in stimulating manner.
  2. Look Good, Look Right
    Design must not only be ATTRACTIVE but also consistent with the BRAND STRATEGY.
  3.  Be Efficient
    USABILITY of the site must be intuitive and ensure minimal “clicks to action”.
  4. Convert Users
    A website is a business, remember to SELL products and services at all times.
  5. Keep and Grow Users
    Our client sites must not only strive to RETAIN users, but GROW their business with them.


Based on the above usability principles, our methodology includes the following studies

  • Website Evaluation – where we analyse the existing website based on its form and function.
  • Global Benchmark Evaluation – a review of other websites in a similar industry with a view to identifying features and functionality that define industry best practice.
  • Target Market Evaluation – together with our client we define user Personas and Scenarios to help the design and usability team best identify the needs and expectations of each potential target customer group and focus on the user’s goals.
  • Analytical Evaluation – we will use analytics tools and heatmaps to analyse the users on the site and how they are interacting with the pages. This will allow us to make data driven decisions on the placement of page elements to improve a user’s journey.


Our Track Record

ThoughtCorp boasts a number of South Africa’s largest institutions as our clients. ThoughtCorp has consistently delivered high quality solutions to our clients. Our measure of success is the long term relationships established with our clients, renewal of contracts and being called back by clients for new projects. Approximately 80% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals. View our client portfolio.

Grain SA
Patio Warehouse
Bathroom Bizarre
Centurion Systems
Blinds Online
Internet Solutions
Ernst & Young
What our clients say
Our relationship with ThoughtCorp stretches over 8 years and every time we manage to ask the impossible from them they manage to delivery professionally, quickly and accurately.
We would recommend ThoughtCorp to anyone that is looking for a partner to go the extra mile. They always find the best solution to the brief provided.
Eskom digital and social media platforms depend significantly on ThoughtCorp to assist in moving the bar to higher standards. We have placed ThoughtCorp under pressure and unrealistic demands – in all cases they delivered with a smile and professionalism.
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